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Can You Play Guitar Already or Is It Time To Start Learning?

For anyone just starting out there are many new way to learn the basics of your instrument. Whether it be an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, six string or twelve string, the fret board and chords are still the same. It takes dedication to become proficient at any instrument, but nowadays there are many excellent online courses that you can sign up for and really get the basics fast. Even if you just want to learn a handful of songs there are online courses that you can sign up for a free trail and get yourself going. Check out our friends a Tismusic.com, they give online guitar lesson reviews, that might help you pick something that will help you learn Guitar that much quicker.


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Why DO YOU want to play Guitar?

In order to play guitar you need a good why. What do we mean by that? Well its simple, when you first start out playing it will seem painfully slow. You fingers and hands will fatigue and actually become a little raw at the tips.

We all want to just sit there with the instruments and jam out our favourite tune right now, but that is just not how it works. Even a simple three chord song with an easy strumming pattern can take several hours for an absolute beginner. This is because your brain has to program new patterns and movements over several practice sessions just to make the chord transitions smooth. Your hands have just never made those shape before so everything while seem awkward when you first pick up the guitar to play.

This is what makes having a why you are want to play guitar so important in the first place. When you meet the first few obstacles on your way to learning that new song, you will be more likely to stick with the instrument, and be more willing and motivated to keep up with your practice.

Again, this is why having a teacher or an online learn to play guitar course can be an excellent resource as you start on you path to becoming a guitar playing wizard.


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Play Guitar Like The Masters

Ya Ya, we get it! Guys like Nuno Bettencourt make it look so easy that it seems like anyone could just pick up a guitar and rock out a simple tune in a few minutes... BUZZZ (wrong!!). What you see in the video above represents thousands upon thousands of hours of practice over years and years.. So, why do you want to play again?

All of that said we are not trying to discourage you from making a start. The rewards for being able to pick up an instrument and play at will are immense. Even if you are only playing for yourself and your cat, there is a soul soothing elixir that comes with the sound of self made songs. Anyone can learn to play guitar but not everyone will learn to make it sing the kind of music that shakes the soul.


There are plenty of websites that offer music lessons online. You can lean how to play guitar, or piano, learn to sing better, or pretty much learn any instrument that is of interest to you. Not all of these courses are as good as others. Our friends at www.Tismusic.com have take the time to review a few of these online music lessons. Check out their online guitar lesson review page, and you will find a review of a few highly recommended courses.