Four Magic Chords That Every Guitar Player Should kKnow

Four Magic Chords That Every Guitar Player Should kKnow

Ok.. So there are literally dozens of chords that you will come to know. Many are simple variations of the main chords, some are inversions for different sounds of the otherwise identical notes. Suffice to say that it can seem very complex when one wants to start out and learn a few of their favourite tunes. Good news though, these four basic chords are all very easy to play and you can play thousands, and I do mean thousands of very familiar songs with just these four chords. Heck, add a capo into the mix and you have the entire pop/rock library at you fingertips.

The good news about these one is there is no “barring” involved in the chord formation. Barring is where you place a finger across the entire neck of the guitar in order to make a chord. It is a more intermediate form of chord use and unfortunately is kinda tough to do.

Fortunately, you have other options before you need to employ these chord types. It is always best to get your hands and fingers toughened up with some of the more simple chord variation anyway.

A few songs that use only these chords (or Less):

Take a Picture – by Filter(A&D)
Semi Charmed Life – by Third eye Blind (D,C & G)
3am – Matchbox 20 (D,C & G)

But really the list goes on and One. Just get started by learning how to play guitar and you will see very clearly.

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